Fidelis Bentele | Georg Bentele-Ücker

Bentele sculptures in public space

Bronzeskulptur "Weckruf" von Bentele | Bentele-Ücker am Ortseingang von Oberstaufen
Walk through Oberstaufen in the footsteps of the sculptors

Sculptures in dialogue with their surroundings and viewers

If you walk through Oberstaufen with open eyes, you can’t miss them: The large bronze and stone sculptures by Fidelis Bentele and Georg Bentele-Ücker are located in prominent and carefully selected places. Here they enter into a dialogue with their viewers and their surroundings.

Even at the entrance to the town, “The Wake-up Call” greets visitors and travellers with fanfares. Guests encounter them around the town hall and the Catholic church, in Oberstaufen PARK, on the museum grounds “Beim Stumpfar” as well as in front of the school, on Fidelis-Bentele-Straße and in the cemetery. Attentive art lovers will discover further works at second glance, for example in the chancel of the Protestant church or here and there in private properties.

Invitation to a walk

An art-interested host has compiled the works in Oberstaufen, described them in words and pictures and marked them on a map. You can find the article here.

You are now well equipped to set off on your own and track down the Bentele sculptors in the area where they worked.

We wish you lots of fun!