Fidelis Bentele | Georg Bentele-Ücker

Permanent exhibition

Dauerausstellung Bentele | Bentele-Ücker auf dem Museumsgelände "Beim Strumpfar" in Oberstaufen

Design & Execution Bentele | Bentele-Ücker


With around 50 original objects and a further 150 works of art as part of a digital exhibition, the permanent exhibition provides a comprehensive insight into the work of the two sculptors. On display is a meaningful cross-section of a creative process spanning around 50 years.

The exhibition includes religious themes, which have always featured prominently in the work of the father and adopted son and which are represented in the form of large objects in numerous churches, monasteries and public spaces around the world. The secular works include lively musicians and singers as well as objects that are critical of the times and provide food for thought. The portrait gallery shows busts of famous artists, literary figures and high-ranking dignitaries in almost mirror-like lifelikeness, whose sensitive modelling became a trademark of Fidelis Benteles.

The exhibition room measures around 80 square metres and is located in the reconstructed Alpe Vögels Berg from 1774 on the museum grounds “Beim Strumpfar”. In the neighbouring local history museum, visitors can find out about the history of the village and the life and work of the people in the market town. The outdoor area with a herb garden, a wildflower meadow, a pond with a stream and an apiary invites you to linger. The Benteles’ former home and studio (now privately owned) is also located nearby, making a visit in the footsteps of the two sculptors and the surroundings that inspired their creative work an unforgettable experience.


The museum restaurant “Beim Strumpfar” is a place where art, culture and hospitality come together. Here, guests and visitors can experience rustic and cosy Oberstaufen conviviality and enjoy regional cuisine.

Opening hours

from March 29, 2024
Wednesday and Friday 4 to 6 pm
Sunday 11 am to 13 pm

We offer individual guided tours for groups of 10 people or more. Arrangement by telephone on +49-8325-511


Admission to the Bentele exhibition is free of charge. Donations to the Heimatdienst for the upkeep of the exhibition and estate are welcome.


Alpe Vögels Berg
Kalzhofener Straße 14, 87534 Oberstaufen

Telephone: +49-8325-511

Museumsgelände "Beim Strumpfar" in Oberstaufen

Museum grounds
“Beim Strumpfar”